carrying capacity study

          The DENR PENRO Batangas commissioned Blue Water to conduct a carrying capacity study to determine the current state of Tallisay side of the volcano island of Taal as a tourism destination. Given the goal of the study, the firm made use of the modified version of the method used by UNWTO and a new method developed by Bhattacharya A. and Sanka T. The UNWTO method was used to measure carrying capacity in Boracay, while the other one was used in the Pench National park in India. The result provides an insight on the used up and remaining capacity in the following dimensions: environmental, social, economic and physical. ​​

ecolodge design and operationS manual

          The DENR PENRO Batangas commissioned Blue Water to design an ecolodge using sustainable design concepts. Blue Water also developed an operations manual integrating best practices in water management, solid waste management, food prepration, food production, and other aspects of lodging operations. 

​Trail development design


          The Municipality of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro embarked on developing its flagsip tourism product- The Onoda Trail. The trail is found in the forested hills of the island and highlights the story of Lt. Hiroo Onoda, the last Japanes straggler who surrendered to President Marcos in the 70s. Onoda lived in the jungle for 30 years refusing to believe that the war was over. In 2010 the Blue Water ​Team mapped the trail, including the different caves where Onoda took refuge. Blue Water was also commisioned to design a detailed plan for trail development including design of signages and other appropriate infrastructure like a hanging bridge, a boardwalk over the limestone formations, rest areas and restrooms. 

mangrove enterprise operations manual

blue water consultancy


          The Municipality of Casiguran, Aurora commissioned Blue Water to provide technical assistance in the updating of the LGU's Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), Municipal Ecological Profile (MEP), Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP).​, and Zoning Ordinance. The crafting of the new vision statement required the integration of ecotourism as an anchor for development for Casiguran. 


​          The Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has been supporting a People's Organization (PO) in the mangrove reforestation site in Manito, Albay. After more than 20 years of involvement in the rehabilitation of the mangrove forest, EDC decided to capacitate the PO in establishing an ecotourism enterprise from where they can derive significant income. The Manual is a guidebook that details the what,why and how of the daily operations of the business. It includes standards of service, booking procedures, payment and profit sharing schemes, staffing, tourism products and costings, and other details.

          For eight years Blue Water was involved in the development of Palaui Island for community-based tourism. A flagship project was the mapping of the three trails on the island, installation of signages and markers, identification of tree species, labeling of the trees with scientific names and local names and capacitating trek guides, and development of interpretations.



​          The DENR PENRO Rizal commissioned Blue Water to conduct an Alternative Livelihood study for the Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape. Sustainable livelihood is a component of the UMRBPL Management Plan. The study reveals that there could be a convergence between ecotourism, bamboo plantation and craft production, and coffee-related enterprises.