Rural community assets include ecosystems that can become excellent platforms for learning and  the promotion of responsible tourism. Ecotouridm Enterprise Development is a tool to achieve natural resource conservation goals, as well as improve socio-economic well-being of local residents. Trainer Louie Mencias developed community guide training programs to address the need to make marginalized sector of the community active participants and beneficiaries of tourism-related community development projects. ‚ÄčThe Buhay Program features capacity-building modules that target fisherfolks, farmers, housewives, out-of-school youth, and indigenous people.  They are trained to be guides in their own community. The training programs were designed to match the type of ecosystems in their sites. Providing this opportunity creates an economic incentive for communities to protect their natural and cultural heritage. For more information about these trainings, send us an email.  here.


          This is an annual training provided by experts of Blue Water for local govenrment, specifically tourism officers, SB for tourism and tourism service providers. It covers topics such as Ecotourism Concepts, Site Selection, Product Development, Enterprise Development, Heritage Mapping, Destination Management, and innovative concepts such as the Ecotourism Philippine Business Model  and Wealth Generation for Rural Communities. Due to Covid-19, selected topics from this training modules will soon be offered for free thru a Webinar series. Contact us for details. 

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